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How They Dispose of Utemuratov

Several weeks ago, published a very interesting article under the high-sounding title Bulat Utemuratov’s Private State and Tennis Harem  (text available in Russian). It tells the story of the Kazakh billionaire and one of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s closest allies. Note that it would be wrong calling this publication “a tabloid press” for it is an unabashed slam. So, the question arises – who has ordered it and why?

As we suspect, the answer to this question is unknown even to those’ employees who published the material. They were likely to have been given a certain sum of money and presented with the text of the slam that, after the necessary editorial revision, was revealed to the general public. However, we are certain that there is somebody’s interest behind this. Let us muse as to whose.

The range of the potential ordering customers may turn out to be rather wide. It may include:

  • individual journalists and media-structures that make more money on the non-publishing than on the publishing of compromising materials,
  • personal enemies and ill-wishers of Utemuratov and of his family members,
  • his political opponents in Akorda as well as those who would want, one way or another, to “make some money” on the person whose fortune is estimated to constitute US $3.4 bln.

However, the interest to Bulat Utemuratov may not be of the economic but of the political nature. In this case, the number of the ordering customers can be reduced to several people.

The first on the list is Nursultan Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter Dariga.

The thing is that, as the Head of the Senate, she is now not only the second-top state official in the country (after President) but the key player in Nazarbayev’s immediate circle. Moreover, according to our insiders, she has already begun pressurizing Timue Kulibayev and Bulat Utemuratov in order to hustle them away from power and the decision-making process and to redivide their assets (or rather the main country’s family’s assets registered in their name) to her benefit.

Particularly, according to the information we have received, they are preparing (perhaps have already prepared) a draft of a governing document on launching a special agency directly subordinated to the second President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in other words, to Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev. This agency is to be responsible for “maintaining” foreign investors. Among other things, it will have the right to give away the permits for oil, gas and other resources’ extraction.

If this happens, the unofficial supervisor of the oil-and-gas sector Timur Kulibayev and his henchman, the “unsinkable” Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev will be hustled away from this rather profitable business. 

Another ordering customer may be found among the groups in the Russian ruling elite aiming for the escalation of the confrontation between Russia and Vladimir Putin and the US and Donald Trump.

To confirm this, let us quote the passages from the article that are, we emphasize, the crucial ones in the text.

“US President Donald Trump requested the intelligence to join the investigation of the 2016 surveillance of his office. It is quite possible that it will not be the end of things. One of the half-forgotten scandals of that campaign is the kompromat against Trump (allegedly in possession of the Russian intelligence service) who, during his 2013 visit to Russia, lived in Ritz-Carlton in the same presidential suit as was reserved for Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Allegedly, the suit was packed with surveillance cameras that recorded Trump’s inappropriate behavior (he requested two prostitutes be sent to his room).

Had this kompromat been in possession of the FSC or the Democrats, it would have probably been used already. And it really did exist, but not in their hands – this is that very case when there is no smoke without fire. There is word that they really did record the video in that room. Albeit it was not the Russians who were filming the future President of the US but the trusted people of the hotel’s owner – a state official and businessman from Kazakhstan called Bulat Utemuratov – upon the personal order of the latter”.

“Let us go back to Donald Trump and Ritz-Carlton. Utemuratov bought the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow for $350 mln. The cameras in the rooms were installed upon his personal order – “just in case”, says a source closely associated with the billionaire. And not just in Moscow, but also in Vienna and in Astana that has recently been renamed Nur-Sultan.

It is thanks to the kompromat against his competitors and ill-wishers that Utemuratov has managed to preserve his influence in Kazakhstan even after his retirement from power. Therefore, the rumors of the “home video” with Donald Trump performing the leading part are not without reason. It would be too hard to conceal such a “hot” piece of information.

It’s just that when it came to sharing these video-recordings, Utemuratov chose not to share it with anyone including the Russian secret service. While Trump remained one of the richest people in the US, Utemuratov had kept the file in order to have an additional trump card in a possible negotiation. Up to the very day of the elections, the Kazakh billionaire had kept the kompromat against his US colleague while having the sluggish negotiations with the Democrats on selling the file. And when Trump won the elections, the talks were suspended – Utemuratov has personally hidden the file until better days not entrusting his aides with it.

It is unlikely that the architects of Russia’s foreign policy as well as the point men from the Russian secret service are too pleased about the whole thing. But the oligarch himself considers this video his insurance against the “hot” events that may develop around him in Russia and in the world.

Bulat Utemuratov has always been known for his ability to lucratively sell his influence and powers, starting from the times when he was a director of a grocery store. And, by the looks of it, such “hot” events may be just around the corner. Bulat Utemuratov went directly against Russia’s interests despite the fact that, in recent years, he has been acquiring more and more business-interests in this country. It is very curious that the name of the Kazakh businessman is not mentioned in Mueller’s report. He seems to fit right in there”.

If this information will be heard and, most importantly, becomes the reason to continue (revive) making certain moves by the pertinent structures in the US, Russia, Kazakhstan of any other country that is interested in aggravating the political tension with the participation of the three states, Bulat Utemuratov will invariably find himself in the firing line.

Note that the attack against him may be both public and legal, carried out through the official channels, and also hidden and secret. For instance, his accounts and other assets including the securities and real estate belonging to him and his affiliated parties may be frozen, he may be denied entrance visas, criminal investigations may be opened against him, compromising materials published.  

This means that Bulat Utemuratov who has not been of interest to the Kazakh press and civil society since his retirement from the state service and who, today, it thought to be a generous philanthropist rather than a big entrepreneur and a billionaire has now entered a hazard-prone area.

For our part, we can confirm that the questions addressed to him will be numerous since a number of his rather dubious business-operations have gone unnoticed in the country only because they took place amid much more significant events.

Also, his active role in BTA Bank’s story and his representation of Akorda’s and Nursultan Nazarbayev’s personal interests in the international business-projects have so far remain in the shadows.

Thus, apart from some spicy personal details and the word that Bulat Utemuratov hires hackers to “clean out” the information about him on the internet as well as controls the Kazakh microcredit market, he has plenty to hide. And this, in our opinion, is bound to “float” to the public surface. The only question is when and in which volumes.

Best credit cards for students.

When you leave your parents and start a mature life it is important to build different sources of income and therefore carefully track your expenses. For this reason, a credit card is an ultimate tool. Best credit cards for students offer a useful feature. You can monitor your expenses in a special app provided by the bank, which card you use. With that perk, you can figure out which type of goods you spend most of your budget and recalculate your expenses so you can save more spare money on your hobby or something you like.

Another perk that credit card offers for students is a chance to start building your credit rating as early as it is possible. It always positively affects your credit rating when you start using credit cards when you study at university (Of course if you stable and regularly pay your monthly credit) By the time you finish university and will need to lease a car or require accreditation for your business your credit rating will be high enough so there will be no problems or additional requirements from bank’s employees.

Below you can see the best credit cards for people with no credit or credit cards for students with bad credit:

The Deserve Edu Mastercard

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Citi Rewards+℠ Student Card

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Still, if your credit is on a decent level it is better to try to apply for these credit cards which are one of the best credit cards for students.

Discover it® Student Cash Back Card

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Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

This card is perfect to build a high credit score because it is aimed at making on-time payments.

However, this one can’t be related to the best credit cards for students with no credit or credit cards for students with bad credit because to receive it you already need an average credit rating. Main perks are the same as others and include cashback, absence of annual fee.

This was the list of the best credit cards for students which you can order right now and have no problem with cash which is now used less and less in everyday life.

The Best Uses of Virtual Reality

Among the critical drivers of the German market and a huge playground, particularly for augmented reality options: See the automobile in the showroom at a different colour, with assorted rims and gear packages? As a consequence of AR setup, it will be easy on. New city showroom versions is going to be.

Property Market

Hardly any other market has experienced such tremendous growth in the last several years and years because the housing marketplace. carriers and marketers of properties can benefit from Augmented and Virtual Reality: No matter if VR Melbourne excursions in construction or buildings that’s real time.

An increasing number of property agencies are turning to VR to supply their customers virtual property tours. VR Melbourne, the customer can stop out of agency or home. This saves a great deal of visits and time possessions without having to wait for the proprietor to become 24. It’s possible to see with properties which are assembled via VR Melbourne.

Tourism business

In fact, these technologies provide opportunities and also the vast majority of them have begun to exploit these opportunities.This is a sport for the courageous, if there’s already tension in the console and there is a screen extreme envision in play using a virtual reality. From resort excursions before booking to AR city guides, AR walking trails that are crowdsourced to adventures’ advertising – travel destinations and suppliers, VR/AR opens advertising opportunities and revenue flows.


VR games

Gran Turismo Sport: this sport to be sure you know, but for a pair of virtual reality created in the race against an opponent sacrifices a number of this sport you understood change dynamism and some ability. Vintage will unite with all the capabilities of VR / AR and produce entertainment & gaming formats.

Batman Arkham VR: In case you like to become Batman if you’re a youngster and you wanted to disguise yourself as the”Knight of night”, there’s not any need to dream anymore, virtual reality Melbourne provides you a trip through Gotham, in which you’ll enter action to conquer your favourite antagonists of this saga.

Resident Evil 7: This very long saga frees us out of the PlayStation 1 games console, and how to not do it?

Buy Virtual Reality glasses for gaming – you have to pay attention:

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TOP Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Opening a shipper account is an extraordinary method to upgrade your business by enabling you to acknowledge a wide assortment of installment strategies. There are various diverse sorts of organizations out there that are superbly suited for a shipper account. We have the correct instruments credit card merchant services and assets to make a shipper account that is custom fitted for the requirements of various diverse sorts of business. From a customer facing facade based retail business to online-based administrations, Millennium Bankcard can get you rapidly set up with a dealer account that accompanies all the perfect highlights for your business.

The Best Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Physical Businesses (Storefront, Bar/Restaurant, and so on)

Thousand years Bankcard can furnish you with all that you have to make your retail task a triumph. With the most recent in POS terminal innovation that offers a wide scope of installment arrangements just as accommodating programming intended to make things like stock administration and accounting progressively improved.

Portable and E-Commerce Businesses

Online based organizations are rapidly rising as the organizations of things to come. With Millennium Bankcard, the fate of your online business will begin looking a mess more brilliant gratitude to our straightforward and secure online installment handling. We likewise offer the most recent apparatuses to enable you to process installments utilizing versatile based innovation, so you can acknowledge installments wherever you and your business go. Check increasingly under Online Merchant Account.

Mail and Telephone Businesses

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Home Improvement

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Thousand years Bankcard can help minimize expenses for non-benefit and altruistic associations by streamlining the gift procedure with our clear installment handling innovation. With our safe and flexible installment handling stages, givers will almost certainly exchange reserves unhesitatingly by means of various distinctive stations including mail, phone, on the web and obviously face to face.

Prima en función de un préstamo

Se paga una prima, similar a la de un seguro de coche o de vida, en función del crédito solicitado.

Uno de cada cuatro españoles paga actualmente una hipoteca para comprarse un piso. Una pesada carga en forma de letra que deben satisfacer cada mes o trimestre.

Con la subida de las cifras del paro en los últimos meses y el aumento de la morosidad bancaria, varias entidades financieras han creado los llamados seguros de amortización.

Su mecánica es sencilla: se paga una prima, similar a la de un seguro de coche o seguros de vida, en función del crédito que se haya solicitado con este CreditoVictoria.

En caso de que el cliente pierda su empleo, con este seguro podrá pagar durante varios meses las letras de su hipoteca sin que el banco le embargue ni pase a engrosar la lista de registros de morosos financieros.

Esta entidad también ofrece la ventaja de poder aplazar, sin costo alguno, dos cuotas mensuales del crédito hipotecario por año con un límite de diez cuotas a lo largo de toda la vida de la hipoteca.

Antes de firmar su contrato de hipoteca, pregunte a su banco o caja habitual si disponen de este tipo de seguros y solicite por escrito, no sólo de palabra, su costo y los servicios que ofrece. Asegúrese de que el pago del seguro puede hacerlo en varios meses y no de una sola vez.

Compruebe también que la entidad no le exige haber trabajado o estar cotizando durante un número determinado de meses antes de firmar el préstamo.

Debe quedar claro el límite temporal de meses que el seguro cubrirá el pago de la hipoteca, y si son continuos o alternos.

Asimismo, es conveniente preguntar si existe algún tipo de límite a lo largo de la vida de la hipoteca.

Al cubrir este tipo de seguros también el fallecimiento y la incapacidad absoluta del cliente que firma el crédito, hay que asegurarse de que no existe ningún tipo de excepciones ni en edades ni en las causas de muerte o enfermedad.

Exhibiting the Very best of Latest News Service

The news and media department prepares information and news releases on priority areas and UN activities. He is engaged in establishing partnerships with media organizations and other target audiences. The department also promotes the work of journalists and UN news agencies.

News and Information Sector

The latest news Services Section provides the latest news on the activities of the UN system and manages the main news portal of the Organization, the UN News Center in English and French, which provides quick access to a variety of news products and resources. The main thematic and support products developed and maintained by the Section include thematic news and search databases of keynote speeches by the Secretary-General, as well as newsletters via e-mail, RSS feeds, interviews, news quizzes and photo materials.

The video section prepares television programs and videos on a wide range of priority topics and issues on the UN agenda, including climate change, the Millennium Development Goals, human rights and gender-based violence. The 21st Century and UN in Action series are broadcast by UN partners in many countries around the world, and in New York on the 150th Time Warner Channel or via the UN webcast. In addition, video on a wide range of issues is also available to viewers on the UN channel on YouTube.

Operational Services Sector

The Meeting Coverage Section prepares, in both print and electronic form, press releases in English and French that cover official meetings and other UN activities at Headquarters and at conferences in other countries. The section also prepares background materials on important meetings and other information materials for the media. The Section distributes printed and electronic presentations and statements by the Secretary-General and his first deputy, as well as information on the official activities of the Secretary-General.

  • News monitoring team monitors global media regarding the news about the UN, its employees, international events, as well as the matters within the purview of the Organization, to prepare a compilation for distribution by e-mail to the Secretary-General, as well as among senior officials and employees UN.

Media Accreditation Unit and Interaction with them (GASV) provides communications and accreditation services for journalists covering UN activities at Headquarters and at major UN conferences abroad. It reviews applications and verifies the authenticity of credentials and necessary documents from representatives of the press, photo, film and electronic media and television. Assists in media reporting of UN activities within the framework of the relevant instructions; and manages the stipulation of facilities like office space and equipment to accredited journalists. The Media Documentation Center, which is part of the GASV, distributes UN documents, press releases and statements by the member states directly among accredited journalists.

The television team provides daily live broadcasts to highlight events and events at UN Headquarters, from General Assembly meetings, the Security Council and rest of the United Nations bodies, to international press briefings and conferences. The group provides live broadcasts of meetings and other major events that are used by international broadcasters and television news agencies. Daily news kits, reports and interviews with experts from organizations of the UN system all over the world are distributed through the UNifeed system, which is constantly updated for six days a week. Event coverage live and on demand is also available via webcast.