Exhibiting the Very best of Latest News Service

The news and media department prepares information and news releases on priority areas and UN activities. He is engaged in establishing partnerships with media organizations and other target audiences. The department also promotes the work of journalists and UN news agencies.

News and Information Sector

The latest news Services Section provides the latest news on the activities of the UN system and manages the main news portal of the Organization, the UN News Center in English and French, which provides quick access to a variety of news products and resources. The main thematic and support products developed and maintained by the Section include thematic news and search databases of keynote speeches by the Secretary-General, as well as newsletters via e-mail, RSS feeds, interviews, news quizzes and photo materials.

The video section prepares television programs and videos on a wide range of priority topics and issues on the UN agenda, including climate change, the Millennium Development Goals, human rights and gender-based violence. The 21st Century and UN in Action series are broadcast by UN partners in many countries around the world, and in New York on the 150th Time Warner Channel or via the UN webcast. In addition, video on a wide range of issues is also available to viewers on the UN channel on YouTube.

Operational Services Sector

The Meeting Coverage Section prepares, in both print and electronic form, press releases in English and French that cover official meetings and other UN activities at Headquarters and at conferences in other countries. The section also prepares background materials on important meetings and other information materials for the media. The Section distributes printed and electronic presentations and statements by the Secretary-General and his first deputy, as well as information on the official activities of the Secretary-General.

  • News monitoring team monitors global media regarding the news about the UN, its employees, international events, as well as the matters within the purview of the Organization, to prepare a compilation for distribution by e-mail to the Secretary-General, as well as among senior officials and employees UN.

Media Accreditation Unit and Interaction with them (GASV) provides communications and accreditation services for journalists covering UN activities at Headquarters and at major UN conferences abroad. It reviews applications and verifies the authenticity of credentials and necessary documents from representatives of the press, photo, film and electronic media and television. Assists in media reporting of UN activities within the framework of the relevant instructions; and manages the stipulation of facilities like office space and equipment to accredited journalists. The Media Documentation Center, which is part of the GASV, distributes UN documents, press releases and statements by the member states directly among accredited journalists.

The television team provides daily live broadcasts to highlight events and events at UN Headquarters, from General Assembly meetings, the Security Council and rest of the United Nations bodies, to international press briefings and conferences. The group provides live broadcasts of meetings and other major events that are used by international broadcasters and television news agencies. Daily news kits, reports and interviews with experts from organizations of the UN system all over the world are distributed through the UNifeed system, which is constantly updated for six days a week. Event coverage live and on demand is also available via webcast.

Best credit cards for students.

When you leave your parents and start a mature life it is important to build different sources of income and therefore carefully track your expenses. For this reason, a credit card is an ultimate tool. Best credit cards for students offer a useful feature. You can monitor your expenses in a special app provided by the bank, which card you use. With that perk, you can figure out which type of goods you spend most of your budget and recalculate your expenses so you can save more spare money on your hobby or something you like.

Another perk that credit card offers for students is a chance to start building your credit rating as early as it is possible. It always positively affects your credit rating when you start using credit cards when you study at university (Of course if you stable and regularly pay your monthly credit) By the time you finish university and will need to lease a car or require accreditation for your business your credit rating will be high enough so there will be no problems or additional requirements from bank’s employees.

Below you can see the best credit cards for people with no credit or credit cards for students with bad credit:

The Deserve Edu Mastercard

This card can be ordered even if you are an international student or haven’t got a deal with credit rating before. So this is a perfect starting option. Even though it is really easy to order this card it has some killing features such as 1% cash back and a free subscription to Amazon Prime which is 49$!

Citi Rewards+℠ Student Card

This credit card offers for students an amazing opportunity to start your credit history. APR of this card is variable and can be from 16 to 26 percent. Also, there is a point system which is especially useful in supermarkets and gas stations.

Still, if your credit is on a decent level it is better to try to apply for these credit cards which are one of the best credit cards for students.

Discover it® Student Cash Back Card

If you ask yourself a question what is the best credit card for students I would probably say that it is Discover it® Student Cash Back Card. It provides one of the best cash back reward systems which is available at the market. Cashback can grow up to 5% in department stores or gas stations.

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

This card is perfect to build a high credit score because it is aimed at making on-time payments.

However, this one can’t be related to the best credit cards for students with no credit or credit cards for students with bad credit because to receive it you already need an average credit rating. Main perks are the same as others and include cashback, absence of annual fee.

This was the list of the best credit cards for students which you can order right now and have no problem with cash which is now used less and less in everyday life.

Carport Doors Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you’re constructing your home, including a carport, or just supplanting an old or worn carport entryway, there are various things you have to know before you purchase a carport entryway.

Carport entryways coming in various styles, hues, completes, and types. It’s critical that you realize what sort of carport entryway you need before you get it. Truth be told, it’s a smart thought to find out about the diverse kinds at an opportune time in the basic leadership process so you recognize what choices you have.

Picking the Right Style Kazino

Your carport entryway is a standout amongst the most noticeable pieces of your home, and it’s probably the biggest moving part too. Along these lines, you have to make certain your carport entryway is in working request. There are two sorts of carport entryway: sectional move ups and swing-ups/tilt-ups.

The most well known kind of carport entryway is the sectional move up. These carport entryways are more costly than tilt-ups, however they’re a lot simpler to work and they’re more secure, as well. Truth be told, you can even open a sectional move up carport entryway while your vehicle is left directly before it. Sectional move up entryways fit behind the carport divider and roll upwards area by segment, giving you more freedom and security from the components. Sectional move up entryways are practically climate tight, and they’re a lot more secure than tilt-up carport entryways since the genuine entryway is behind the carport divider. With tilt-up entryways, the real entryway is outside the carport divider and can be pried open on the off chance that it doesn’t close firmly like https://www.luckscasino.com/game/slots/mega-moolah/.

The tilt-up or swing-up model is made of one single board rather than three or four boards snared together with pivots like the sectional move up entryways are. This single area tilts or turns up and out. Hence, you need to observe exactly how close your vehicle is to the entryway when it opens; generally, the entryway may tilt up and hit the front of your vehicle (or you, in case you’re standing excessively close). This is one of the greatest worries with tilt-up carport entryways.

The Best Uses of Virtual Reality

Among the critical drivers of the German market and a huge playground, particularly for augmented reality options: See the automobile in the showroom at a different colour, with assorted rims and gear packages? As a consequence of AR setup, it will be easy on. New city showroom versions is going to be.

Property Market

Hardly any other market has experienced such tremendous growth in the last several years and years because the housing marketplace. carriers and marketers of properties can benefit from Augmented and Virtual Reality: No matter if VR Melbourne excursions in construction or buildings that’s real time.

An increasing number of property agencies are turning to VR to supply their customers virtual property tours. VR Melbourne, the customer can stop out of agency or home. This saves a great deal of visits and time possessions without having to wait for the proprietor to become 24. It’s possible to see with properties which are assembled via VR Melbourne.

Tourism business

In fact, these technologies provide opportunities and also the vast majority of them have begun to exploit these opportunities.This is a sport for the courageous, if there’s already tension in the console and there is a screen extreme envision in play using a virtual reality. From resort excursions before booking to AR city guides, AR walking trails that are crowdsourced to adventures’ advertising – travel destinations and suppliers, VR/AR opens advertising opportunities and revenue flows.


VR games

Gran Turismo Sport: this sport to be sure you know, but for a pair of virtual reality created in the race against an opponent sacrifices a number of this sport you understood change dynamism and some ability. Vintage will unite with all the capabilities of VR / AR and produce entertainment & gaming formats.

Batman Arkham VR: In case you like to become Batman if you’re a youngster and you wanted to disguise yourself as the”Knight of night”, there’s not any need to dream anymore, virtual reality Melbourne provides you a trip through Gotham, in which you’ll enter action to conquer your favourite antagonists of this saga.

Resident Evil 7: This very long saga frees us out of the PlayStation 1 games console, and how to not do it?

Buy Virtual Reality glasses for gaming – you have to pay attention:

This is inexpensive and simple to retrofit. We provide you within this different Virtual Reality glasses, that could be in the price ranges. That means you won’t make a buy at VR glasses, you are going to find here. After all VR glasses isn’t straightforward, as there are tons of criteria that you’ve got to look at. In the automation of manufacturing processes and instances of the net, platforms and the technical systems are getting to be more complicated.

You have got hardly any budget available, and we can recommend one of those Samsung Gear VR glasses. As you may have guessed, this variant is for your own smartphone and thus a VR glasses. You should not have. It includes convinced us is intended for its entry. The Samsung Gear VR glasses have a drawback. If you’d like to find those VR glasses you certainly want a Samsung smartphone. It’s not compatible. You then gain from a relaxation and quality In case you’ve got a Samsung smartphone and you will have the ability to buy the Samsung VR glasses.

An important purchase component. As a player you want to use the VR glasses. Good Virtual Reality equipment is glasses like the HTC Vive Together with the Oculus Rift have an relaxation. We advocate possess a comfort, which means you don’t have to be worried about doing this.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Many times you have heard bout Emu oil and probably wondered what this oil is. This is oil made from a small bird called emu. In the past, this oil was used to treat ailments such as skin burns and rushes as well as reducing inflammation This was back there in Australia. Since that time, The Oil has become popular and is used to treat a couple of ailments both for the skin and the whole body in general. Emu oil cream has a lot of benefits that you should try out They include;

Improves Skin Hydration

Pure emu oil cream is a good moisturizing cream for the skin. It has an ability to retain moisture in your skin. An experiment carried out in 70 breastfeeding mothers showed that a 30% cream with emu improved nipple hydration within 24 hours of application. This helped largely to prevent the cracking or bleeding of nipples which made it easier for breastfeeding mothers.

It improves the Absorption of Nutrients to the Skin

According to research done, it was discovered that using pure oil Emu enabled the skin to absorb nutrients well to the skin. This is because of its ability to be absorbed into the epidermis of the skin. So if you want smooth skin, then use this oil.

It reduces inflammation

Another benefit of emu oil is that it is an anti-inflammatory product. A test was carried out on rats proved so. When applied to the skin,this oil reduced swelling up to 70% in rats. This effect lasted up to 12 hours. This oil is so powerful and if you are experiencing inflammatory reactions then it will suit you well.

It speeds up skin Healing

When experimented on animals, it was discovered that oil reduced pain as well as speeding healing in animals. Despite that, in humans, it has not been discovered well. When in lotion form, it speeds up the healing of the skin giving you a fresh and smooth skin

It improves gut Health

In recent studies carried out, it was discovered that emu pure oil has the ability to promote gut health. The gut runs from the mouth to the anus and if you use of emu oil regularly, then you will be ensuring that all the organs along the gut are well maintained and are healthy.

It increases hair growth

Having short hair? No need to worry as emu oil will work out well for you. Using this  moisturizer on your hair works well for the scalp. It strengthens hair strands and follicles which, in turn, promote hair growth. In fact, those people who have short hair and wish that their hair grow very fast will need to use pure oli Emu so that it can grow fast.

It repels mosquitoes

Well, sounds surprising but is it actually true. Emu oil has been proven beyond doubt that it can repel off mosquitoes. When you apply Emu oil cream on your skin, there are high chances that you will not be bitten by mosquitoes. This is because of its anti-mosquito repellent inclusions. In some cases, it has been added into mosquito repellent sprays.


Emu oil has several significant benefits as you have seen. It is specifically good or works well for the skin especially if you want healthy skin. Scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that this oil works well for individuals. For more information about emu oil, visit https://www.emu-shop.com.au.

Chlorthalidone for lowering blood pressure

Thalitone diuretic is increasingly gaining fame as doctors recommend Chlorthalidone for lowering blood pressure. It is very important as it helps in treating several diseases that affect major organs in the body.

Chlorthalidone Generic Name

Chlorthalidone is a drug that is medically for lowering blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

It is a prescription drug with brand name Thalitone, Hygroton, and Chlorthalid. Its generic name is Chlorthalidone as it is classified as a Thiazide Duretics.

Chlorthalidone For Hypertension Treatment (lowering blood pressure)

Doctors prescribe Chlorthalidone for lowering blood pressure in patients undergoing Hypertension treatment. In normal cases of hypertension, a patient is advised to take a single dose in the morning every day.

It is taken by mouth, with food as per the doctor’s instructions. A patient who is also taking drugs for lowering cholestral levels should take Chlorthalidone two hours before or four hours after those drugs for effectiveness.

Thalitone diuretic

Thalitone® (chlorthalidone USP) is an oral diuretic that comes in tablets of 15mg. It is administered as an antihypersensitive drug, either alone or in combination with other anti-hypersensitive drugs. A single dose of 15mg is recommended in the treatment of high blood pressure, but depending on a patient’s reponse to therapy, it may be increased to 30mg or even up to 50mg single daily dose. An additional antihypersensitive drug can be added if the patient does not respond appropriately to Thalitone.

Thalitone diuretic tablets are White in color, kidney-shaped and compressed. The tablets are coded M/024 containing 15 mg of chlorthalidone in bottles of 100 (NDC 61570-024-01). It should be stored below 300 for effectiveness.

What Is Chlorthalidone Used For?

Chlorthalidone is used in treating Hypertension; which increases the workload of the heart, thereby leading to malfunctioning of the heart, kidneys and the brain. These are very vital body organs and if affected in any way, one risks having stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and heart attack.

Chlorthalidone is also used to reduce levels of extra salt and water in the body which may be caused by failure of important organs like kidneys and the liver, thus known as a “water pill”. Decreasing the levels of excess water and salt manage conditions like edema swellings, breathing problems caused by clogged fluids in the lungs, and fluid accumulation due to chronic failure of the heart.

It increases the amount of urine, especially during early stages of medication. It helps in treating diabetes insipidus and prevention of kidney stones.

Chlorthalidone also helps in relaxing blood vessels, enabling smooth flow of blood.

Side Effects Of Chlorthalidone

Chlorthalidone is known to cause low levels of potassium as well as magnesium and sodium while increasing the levels of calcium and uric acid in the body.

It causes fatigue, nausea dizziness, and headache. The drug also leads to high blood sugar levels for people suffering from diabetes.

Before embarking on the use of Chlorthalidone, a doctor’s prescription is needed since it is a prescription drug. It also reacts with some drugs and patients with certain conditions are also not advised to use Chlorthalidone. You can find Chlorthalidone from fairpricerx.

The biggest problem of modern electric vehicles

silverado, F150, jeep, toyota mods & upgrades

What about electric cars? At a time when you (maybe) have decided that this topic is already an integral part of our everyday life, and with these weird cars everything has already been resolved – not here it was. There is a serious problem.

Ilon Mask once again announced the impending release, explaining that the company’s failure at the moment to create competitive conditions for electric vehicles in the fight against ICE. The cost of production is still too high, which makes it inaccessible to a wide audience. Verified output – reducing costs by reducing the number of employees. But this is only a temporary measure.

Electromobiles, in particular the same Tesla, have demonstrated that recharging from the network and going on a rather long trip is quite realistic. It can be done at high speed, in a spacious interior, surrounded by modern technologies. But this is not expensive.

Despite the fact that the cost of batteries for electric cars continues to decrease gradually, this does not allow making the final buyer a more advantageous offer than before. Due to the availability of components, manufacturers decided to install more capacious batteries, allowing the electric vehicle to overcome serious distances. In the next 4-5 years, experts predict that current prices for electric vehicles will remain.

That agrees with Volkswagen. They believe that offering frankly cheap electric cars is not a good idea. However, VW is working on a massive model. The German company recognizes the effectiveness of Ilona Mask’s idea of selling expensive cars in the premium segment. True, the American businessman once again faces the problem of reducing costs.

Research among more than 22,000 electric vehicle owners has shown that almost half of the EV buyers with a high flow of reserves (mostly Tesla and Chevrolet Bolt) receive a salary of $ 200,000 or more per year. With the advent of Tesla Model 3, the number of such buyers has dropped to 38%, but to afford “long-range” electric car can still only wealthy people.

Among the buyers of “electric cars”, capable of overcoming up to 240 km per charge, only 17.5% earn more than 200 thousand a year, and among owners of electric cars with a small range of 38% earn less than 100 thousand a year.

TOP Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Opening a shipper account is an extraordinary method to upgrade your business by enabling you to acknowledge a wide assortment of installment strategies. There are various diverse sorts of organizations out there that are superbly suited for a shipper account. We have the correct instruments credit card merchant services and assets to make a shipper account that is custom fitted for the requirements of various diverse sorts of business. From a customer facing facade based retail business to online-based administrations, Millennium Bankcard can get you rapidly set up with a dealer account that accompanies all the perfect highlights for your business.

The Best Business Industries Accepted for Merchant Accounts

Physical Businesses (Storefront, Bar/Restaurant, and so on)

Thousand years Bankcard can furnish you with all that you have to make your retail task a triumph. With the most recent in POS terminal innovation that offers a wide scope of installment arrangements just as accommodating programming intended to make things like stock administration and accounting progressively improved.

Portable and E-Commerce Businesses

Online based organizations are rapidly rising as the organizations of things to come. With Millennium Bankcard, the fate of your online business will begin looking a mess more brilliant gratitude to our straightforward and secure online installment handling. We likewise offer the most recent apparatuses to enable you to process installments utilizing versatile based innovation, so you can acknowledge installments wherever you and your business go. Check increasingly under Online Merchant Account.

Mail and Telephone Businesses

Tolerating installments via telephone or via mail is simple and secure with assistance from Millennium Bankcard. Our installment preparing devices can enable you to achieve more clients by means of different installment stages so you can begin taking in more income for your business.

Home Improvement

Overseeing solicitations and evaluating is far less demanding when you agree to accept a trader account with Millennium Bankcard. We make it simple for contractual workers, circuit testers, handymen and other home enhancement organizations to oversee and acknowledge customer installments rapidly and safely.


Hoteliers and different experts working in the neighborliness business have a great deal to oversee with regards to the everyday tasks of their business. Thousand years Bankcard can help you effectively monitor appointments and installments from visitors utilizing our quick and secure installment handling innovation.


Thousand years Bankcard can help minimize expenses for non-benefit and altruistic associations by streamlining the gift procedure with our clear installment handling innovation. With our safe and flexible installment handling stages, givers will almost certainly exchange reserves unhesitatingly by means of various distinctive stations including mail, phone, on the web and obviously face to face.

Prima en función de un préstamo

Se paga una prima, similar a la de un seguro de coche o de vida, en función del crédito solicitado.

Uno de cada cuatro españoles paga actualmente una hipoteca para comprarse un piso. Una pesada carga en forma de letra que deben satisfacer cada mes o trimestre.

Con la subida de las cifras del paro en los últimos meses y el aumento de la morosidad bancaria, varias entidades financieras han creado los llamados seguros de amortización.

Su mecánica es sencilla: se paga una prima, similar a la de un seguro de coche o seguros de vida, en función del crédito que se haya solicitado con este CreditoVictoria.

En caso de que el cliente pierda su empleo, con este seguro podrá pagar durante varios meses las letras de su hipoteca sin que el banco le embargue ni pase a engrosar la lista de registros de morosos financieros.

Esta entidad también ofrece la ventaja de poder aplazar, sin costo alguno, dos cuotas mensuales del crédito hipotecario por año con un límite de diez cuotas a lo largo de toda la vida de la hipoteca.

Antes de firmar su contrato de hipoteca, pregunte a su banco o caja habitual si disponen de este tipo de seguros y solicite por escrito, no sólo de palabra, su costo y los servicios que ofrece. Asegúrese de que el pago del seguro puede hacerlo en varios meses y no de una sola vez.

Compruebe también que la entidad no le exige haber trabajado o estar cotizando durante un número determinado de meses antes de firmar el préstamo.

Debe quedar claro el límite temporal de meses que el seguro cubrirá el pago de la hipoteca, y si son continuos o alternos.

Asimismo, es conveniente preguntar si existe algún tipo de límite a lo largo de la vida de la hipoteca.

Al cubrir este tipo de seguros también el fallecimiento y la incapacidad absoluta del cliente que firma el crédito, hay que asegurarse de que no existe ningún tipo de excepciones ni en edades ni en las causas de muerte o enfermedad.

Are you looking for a reliable plumber?

To have a good hydraulic service it is necessary to choose serious, authorized and available professionals at competitive prices, with good work and safety references, able to offer the client only the best of the best. Here are the tips to help you choose your trusted plumber.

Plumbing services:

How to choose a good plumber? ceramic bathroom sink white technical tiles key equipment pincer suitcase In your home having everything under control is not always easy because between work , family and a little ‘healthy fun , really some things can escape. For the best in plumber singapore this is important.

  • A typical example is the maintenance of certain systems such as electrical,safety, air conditioning and plumbing.
  • That’s why if you are not familiar with such work and do not have the time to deal with them calmly and experience, it is good to entrust everything to those who have a lot of experience.
  • Households, daily or specific, a building job, a gardening problem or the arrangement of various systems, with experts in the field can be fully resolved.
  • Especially with regard to implants because putting your hands without having a great experience, it can be dangerous to the point of increasing problems rather than solving them.

A typical example is the hydraulic one: water, like electricity, is not easy to manage if you do not know how and where to act.

By asking for help from the company staff, an online home service platform, you will be sure that you are not in any kind of risk by calculating that the hydraulic services offered are significant.

An example?

The assembly of a shower cubicle or simply the plate, the assembly of the water heater or even the installation of solar thermal panels that will allow you to have hot water with considerable savings on your bills .

As you can understand, the company has available plumbers who are really good at whom nothing will be impossible.

Also the gas connection and the complete installation of the sanitary ware will be able to be faced at great costs and with the certainty of not having any kind of bad surprise once the intervention is finished. With the best in electrician singapore this is the perfect option now.

  • The company, thanks to the staff of the Company, is active in the cities, so as to be able to satisfy the requests of customers in this wide geographical area.
  • Just contact the plumber site, or even a different operator according to your needs, to get the desired help. Naturally, in many cases, an inspection will be necessary first with the subsequent issue of an estimate to ensure that everything happens in a linear, simple and transparent manner.

Plumbing services: How to choose a good plumber? sink kitchen plumbing technical wrench screwdriver tools The customer will be free to evaluate if and when to make the requested operator intervene, who will deal specifically and professionally with what to do.